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The Best Way to Buy NFL Tickets

Some NFL tickets are hard to come by. Especially when a team is doing well and the town loves their team. The old way to get tickets was to buy from a scalper, in the parking lot or near the stadium. Usually you would pay a hefty premium, but it was a way to get into the game. Now with the internet you have multiple ways. The NFL has an official site for selling your tickets, (more…)

What Actually Happens at NFL Training Camps

NFL Training camps are a kind of beginning to the season, at least for players and coaches. This is the opportunity to get new players, or free agent acquisitions acclimated to their team. For veterans, especially aging ones, this offers an opportunity to slowly get back into playing shape.

Usually it is not very intense, this is to avoid injury. In fact the quarterbacks will wear a red jersey, as to know not to tackle them. It would not be prudent to injure your quarterback before preseason even starts. Usually offense and defense play (more…)

Teams with the Toughest Training Camps

When you think of the NFL, you may not realize that they have some of the most difficult training camps around. Several of the teams such as the Baltimore Ravens have camps that bring out the best in their players. Other teams that offer a difficult training camp include the Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, and the Miami Dolphins just to name a few. These camps will have their players doing everything (more…)

NFL Teams with the Most Storied Traditions

These two words depict the most popular sport in America, as well as NFL Teams with the most storied traditions. They hold a connection between the NFL’s representation as the giant that it is in modern times. However, there are a few teams that have symbolized this commitment to winning more than others. These teams lead the pack in fanfare, and continue to accent the fact that they are part of the reason the NFL is leading the sports entertainment pack.

Dallas Cowboys

True fans of this (more…)

Top Stadiums to Watch an NFL Game

The NFL is an amazing sport, not only because of the game itself, but also the loyalty and passion of its fans. This passion is reflected in the stadiums of various teams, which can fit close to 100, DirectTV,000 people and are built to intimidate opposing teams. The following are a few stadiums that are some of the best to watch an NFL game, no matter what team you are a fan of. Cowboys Stadium This $1.3 billion dollar structure is one of the most modern stadiums on the planet, and the largest domed stadium on the planet. The stadium sits 80,000 fans, but can fit up to 110,000 fans with the extra standing room behind each end zone and around the stadium. What puts the experience over the top is the huge high definition television that is fifty yards long. Century-Link Field Home of the Seattle Seahawks, this stadium is not the largest in the NFL with room for 67,000, but it has acquired a reputation for being one of the loudest stadiums in the nation. This is because the number of false starts by opposing teams averages higher than any other stadium in the NFL.