What Actually Happens at NFL Training Camps

NFL Training camps are a kind of beginning to the season, at least for players and coaches. This is the opportunity to get new players, or free agent acquisitions acclimated to their team. For veterans, especially aging ones, this offers an opportunity to slowly get back into playing shape.

Usually it is not very intense, this is to avoid injury. In fact the quarterbacks will wear a red jersey, as to know not to tackle them. It would not be prudent to injure your quarterback before preseason even starts. Usually offense and defense play against each other. This is where you can test out new players, as well as get the offense and defense back in tune with each other. Also, this is a great way to try out new plays on the offensive side of the ball.

In recent years, because of concussions, and high profile deaths related to heat strokes. The NFL has downsized the length and intensity of training camps. It is not always the best place to evaluate talent, but it is a start. The real evaluation starts in the preseason when some players are playing for their jobs. The biggest goal of a training camp is to come out healthy with all the kinks worked out, ready to start a new season.

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