The Worst NFL Mascots of All Time

I realize the mascots aren’t the first thing you think about when it comes to the NFL, but they are important for other reasons. They are the iconic symbol that many people associate with the team. But even today, with all my sports channels, I can’t help but shake my head whenever I see some truly awful mascots prance around the field.

I decided to change gears for this post to talk about some of the worst mascots of all time.

We’ll start with the Washington Redskins Native American.
While technically not a costumed man that marches up and down the field, the imagery and name “redskin” are all culturally obsolete and extremely racist to the Native American people. Native Americans, to this day, continue to protest the use of both the name and the image.

Sir Purr of the Carolina Panthers
When I think of a panther, I think of something scary. A black, apex predator whose indomitable spirit and fury we are all meant to associate with the team. That mascot is truly something special in that it represents none of these things. No wonder the Panthers stink.

Boltman of the San Diego Chargers
About the only thing worse than that ridiculous panther and that racist “redskin” is this nightmare. Inexplicably torn from the mind of Stephen King, this plastic monstrosity’s dreadful grin is burned into the minds of fans everywhere. If their goal is to disturb the opposing team…well, they might be onto something.

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