More Important: The QB or WR’s?

While every position on the football field is important, some are clearly more important than others. The quarterback is easily the most important player on the field. This is true even if you compare them to their friends, the wide receivers. A great quarterback can fit a pass into a tight window. If the receiver hasn’t done his job to create room for separation, a great quarterback can bail him out. It’s much harder for a wide receiver to bail out the quarterback in the passing game. Even if a receiver is wide open, the quarterback has to see him in time to avoid the pass rush and deliver a catchable ball.

Quarterbacks also have a lot more responsibility than wide receivers. The quarterback often must call an audible at the line if he doesn’t like the way his current offensive set matches up with the defense. He’s also in charge of getting the running back involved in the offense. A good running game helps open up the passing game as well as wind down the clock when the team has a lead in the fourth quarter. The quarterback is almost like another coach on the field. His level of responsibility makes him the most important player.

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