Why a Good RB is so Important

Running backs may not be the focal point of the offense these days, but they are still vital parts of any team’s attack. In addition to all of their responsibilities of carrying the ball, they also play a huge part in the passing game. Nobody ever thought a running back would catch 100 passes in a season, but LaDanian Tomlinson made history in 2003 when he did just that. Running backs are also responsible for picking up blitzes from the opposing defenses so that the rushers don’t sack the quarterback. Running backs make the offense much more complete than a one-dimensional passing attack.

Consider all the things that can go wrong in third down situations with short yardage to go. If a team chooses to pass the ball, there are many more mistakes that can be made than a running attempt. The pass from the quarterback could just be bad. The receiver may drop a great pass, and the linemen may not be able to hold their blocks. A quick hand-off to the running back is still the best way to pick up a few yards when you need to do so. Running backs will always have a huge place in professional football.

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