Behind the Scenes of the NFL Draft

The NFL draft is one of the most important days of the year for all teams in the league. While players can be found through trades and free agency, all of the top teams in the league are built around a core base of players that they drafted. While the draft is exciting to watch on TV, the activity that happens behind the scenes is even more thrilling.

One of the most exciting things that takes place behind the scenes during the draft is the amount of trade talk that takes place. All 32 of the teams will be actively involved trading picks, future picks, and current players. While most trades do no eventually go through, hundreds are discussed every year.

Another exciting thing that goes on behind the scenes are player reactions. About 20 players are invited to attend the draft, but hundreds of others spend the three days in agony wondering if they will be drafts and where they might go. The stress and excitement that takes place in players’ homes all over the country is try thrilling.

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